Refresh Your Style for Family Photos at Wake Forest Hair Salons!

If you’ve ever had a great hair salon visit – or a really bad one – you know that getting your hair done isn’t just about your final look when you walk out the door; it’s all about the experience. Sure, a great blowout is a great self-care treat, but how much better is it to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and restored? These Wake Forest hair salons are known for providing their clients with the ultimate salon experience. So, if you’re looking for a new stylist, check out these excellent spots!

Collage of photos of a family of four outside in the spring

Amazing Wake Forest Hair Salons

Photos of a family with a mom, a dad, a little blonde girl and a baby boy

Glorious Crown Salons

You are a queen – or king – and it’s about time you feel proud of the glorious crown atop your head! Glorious Crown Hair Salon is for anyone who embraces their natural hair while avoiding chemicals. It’s the perfect home for curly, coily, kinky, wavy, or tight hair that needs extra guidance for a glorious bounce and a soft shine. But, in addition to caring for hair, they also offer facials, makeup applications, massages, and mani/pedis so that you can feel beautiful from head to toe. For years the beauty industry has told us that straighter, sleeker hair is more beautiful. We are finally starting to see a shift in the narrative because that has never been true! Glorious Crown Salon will help you learn how to be confident with your beautiful natural hair, all while using plant-infused, vegan, and sustainable Aveda products. 

Collage of photos of a six month old baby boy and his family outside in the spring

Salt Hair

Picture yourself walking down the shores of your favorite beach, running your fingers through salt-air hair that looks natural and gently wind-blown. That beach wave is Salt Hair’s signature look, and the environment of their salon reflects the balance and harmony you find at the beach, listening to the waves crashing against the sand. They’ve selected decor reminiscent of the beach, so you can embrace your inner mermaid while indulging in some self-care. They also use eco-friendly products packaged with 100% ocean plastic waste that are perfect for maintaining the beauty of your hair. They live to serve their clients, the planet, and our community – they even partner with local and national companies dedicated to serving mother nature and human nature. 

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Salon Bliss

Salon Bliss is a premier salon where women can find their most confident selves through a new, updated look! Whether it’s dimensional color, beautiful balayage highlights, or stunning hair extensions, the Salon Bliss hair team pays close attention to detail. It puts in extra effort to ensure every client feels appreciated, treated, and beyond satisfied with their final look. They’ve created a luxurious oasis that provides a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere for those looking for a little getaway. You’ll soothe your senses when you visit for an experience that goes above and beyond a standard hair service. 

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Wake Forest Hair Salons

Whether you want to maintain a signature style or try something new, these Wake Forest hair salons will have you in good hands. Do something nice for yourself and book an appointment; you’ll feel so much better, feeling like the best, most beautiful version of yourself!

Photo collage of a six month old baby and his family outside photographed by Christy Johnson Photography

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