Birthing Centers in Raleigh NC with Incredible Facilities & Staff

So much of your birth experience relies upon where you choose to deliver; the environment, people, and care can set you up for a successful, positive, and comfortable birth! These fantastic birthing centers in Raleigh, NC, dedicate themselves to maintaining cozy, family-centered atmospheres where families can excitedly and safely welcome their newest addition. 

3 Birthing Centers in Raleigh, NC, Offering Welcoming, Comfortable Environments for Your Birthing Experience

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Birth Center at REX

REX Women’s Center prides itself on its comfortable and nurturing birth center, where its team of compassionate and skilled doctors, midwives, nurses, and staff are prepared to welcome your new baby into the world. Your care team will help you follow your birth preferences throughout your experience while ensuring your and your baby’s safety is always the priority. 

Their Birth Center offers comfortable, family-friendly rooms with:

  • convertible sleeper chairs and sofas for your support team,
  • a private bath with a shower,
  • tv and wifi, and
  • other birth tools to use throughout your labor and delivery.

Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about safety; your baby’s security is paramount. They will always be protected by uniformed security, identification bracelets matching your and your partner’s, and intensive visitor check-ins. 

The REX Women’s Center also practices Delayed Bath, meaning you and your baby will have extra time together immediately following delivery. Hence, you get a little extra time for bonding and appreciating your beautiful new baby.

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Birthplace at WakeMed Cary Hospital

The Birthplace at WakeMed Cary Hospital was founded on a sense of community and well-being, offering high-quality obstetric care in a comfortable and flexible environment. Their private suites feature full showers and whirlpool tubs for you to utilize hydrotherapy throughout labor (which helps to ease tense muscles and promote gentle movement.) 

There are also plenty of amenities to ensure your partner’s comfort, including:

  • a sleeper couch,
  • mini-fridge,
  • television, and
  • Wi-Fi.

Should your baby require additional medical attention, you’re right down the hall from a Level III Special Care Nursery, with plenty of expert physicians and neonatologists on call to provide exceptional care. 

WakeMed utilizes a family-centered approach that encourages rooming-in, where your baby stays with you rather than in a nursery. Studies show that moms can rest when their new babies are nearby, and babies do better with breastfeeding when mama is close.

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Duke Birthing Center

Duke Birthing Center delivers more than 3,400 babies every year. They commit to helping families celebrate this momentous milestone in a safe, comfortable environment! Duke Birthing Center individualizes your care to your and your baby’s needs. Their team ensures that you have a positive, memorable experience. 

The Duke Birthing Center team comprises reputable obstetricians, perinatologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, nurse midwives, and so many more. Hence, whatever the situation, plenty of trained and skilled people can handle it. Their Birthing Center includes:

  • 20 labor rooms, each with a whirlpool bath, TV, and couches
  • 28 mother/baby postpartum rooms with private showers. 

Plus, their prenatal care includes classes to help you and your partner prepare for childbirth, better understand your labor and delivery options, and prepare for life once your beautiful baby has arrived! 

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Birthing Centers in Raleigh, NC

Check out the websites of these birthing centers in Raleigh, NC, for pictures of their facilities, information on their providers, and various additional resources to help you prepare for your big day!

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