Business Coaching

for Photographers


STAND OUT, Get booked


Operating a photography business is

20% photography and 80% business.

Most photographers get into business because they fall head over heels in love photography and want to pursue their passion. But business can be hard!


Dane Sanders writes in Fast Track Photographer that 60% of photography businesses will fail in the first year. 60%! Only 15% of photographers make it to year three and beyond.

That's a lot of dreams dashed.

And I totally get it. It can be completely overwhelming! From designing a website, breaking through the noise on social media, making nice with google, figuring how to get inquiries, figuring out how to get those inquiries to turn into clients, then figuring out how to make those clients happy. Oh, and putting together pricing that attracts the right clients but also allows you to pay yourself. And where to even begin with sales?


A lot of photographers try to piece together advice from other photographers on social media - or they'll copy what an industry guru does.


But I've seen too many times that what works for one photographer doesn't always work for all of them. Business isn't one-size-fits-all!


But that doesn't mean you won't succeed.


Your dream doesn't have to die.
"Christy has been my photography business coach for the last few months and I am absolutely thrilled with how much she has already helped me. As a solo entrepreneur, there are endless things that I could be doing at any moment and it can be a little dizzying for even the most organized person to feel like they have it all under control. Now, thanks to Christy, I finally feel like I have a more regular work routines, better work-life balance, and a thriving business.


I cannot say enough good things about her - she is so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful and I am really excited to see where my business will go from here with her continued support."
~Valerie Worth, Worth Capturing Photography


You don't have to go it alone anymore.

With 14 years experience in sales and marketing, then 13 years as a full-time photographer - including owning a popular boutique studio for six - I've got the hard-won expertise to take you from overwhelmed and stuck to fully booked and profitable. Every coaching client is different, so coaching is always customized to fit your unique needs. Some of the topics we can cover include:


  • Branding that reflects your personality and values so your business feels true to you as an artist
  • Identifying your ideal client and where to find them
  • Crafting a marketing plan to put yourself in front of that ideal client easily and consistently, without feeling like you're scrolling instagram all day
  • Delivering an exceptional experience for your clients that has them coming back for more and singing your praises to family and friends
  • Optimizing your website to convert visitors into inquiries
  • Creating systems and workflows so you can manage your time well and stop missing out on family time
  • Building a product list and pricing strategy that wows your clients and is profitable for your business
  • And doing all of this to suit YOUR unique business and your vision for the future - not to become a copycat of anyone else's!




Wondering if business coaching is right for you? Schedule a free consultation to learn more about my coaching style and the results you can expect from working with me. This 30-minute call is very laid-back and low-pressure!




I'll help you choose the right package that fits your needs, whether it's a laser-focused intensive to tackle one topic or a few months of focused attention on your business. Coaching packages range from $500-1500.




Whether you just need a quick fix or some longer term solutions, the goal is the same: to help you fill your calendar with clients. And not just any clients - happy clients that return for more...and refer their friends!

It's time to take all of your creativity and passion and create a thriving business you love.